A Collection of Essays on Abandoned Children

abandoned children

A Collection of Essays on Abandoned Children

Children are often left to fend for themselves as they grow up. The increasing number of divorces forced the issue of abandoned children into public consciousness in the 1970s. In a number of cases, mothers were given custody of the child and fathers were granted visitation and financial responsibility. However, many men ignored this responsibility. This is because the child is abandoned by the mother, and the father is unaware of it. It is difficult to protect abandoned children because they are often very young and have very little experience with being abandoned.

Regardless of age, abandoned children are most vulnerable. They are most likely to be deprived of food, clothes, and love from their parents. Although these children may look well-cared-for, the reality is far different. In some instances, these children have witnessed murders or have been thrown out of homes and are left to survive on scraps and the streets. For all these reasons, it is critical to find a home for these children and provide them with the best possible life.

The vast majority of authors in this collection have very little knowledge about abandoned children. For example, the Collection de Ecole francaise de Rome 1991 provides a demographic overview. Over fifty scholars examine the issues of child abandonment in Europe over five centuries. In addition, two other authors, Heywood and Cunningham, introduce the topic in a European context. It is an important resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the history of abandoned children.

It is important to understand that children are not born with parents. They are often neglected physically and emotionally. Their physical needs may not be met, and they may be living in conditions where they are unable to receive love and affection. If they are runaways or live in a home without their parents, they may not have access to food and clothing. Moreover, they may be frightened and suffer from a severe lack of emotional and social support.

The condition of abandoned children is often accompanied by a number of symptoms. The child may develop feelings of deep anger, resentment, and confusion. In addition, the child may exhibit aggressive behaviours, such as blaming their mother or being abusive. Their parents might not know they are abandoning their kids. They may also be in a relationship with a stranger. In such cases, they may have no parents at all.

These symptoms of abandonment are common. In the nineteenth century, London was filled with street children, and in Paris in 1987, a study showed that nearly 20% of live births were abandoned by their parents. In Naples, Morris West wrote about the children living on the streets and the lives they led. Today, the United Nations estimates that there are 60 million abandoned and orphaned children in the world. Approximately 7,000 children are left alone in the United States each year.