Bulgarian Women


Generally speaking, Bulgarian women are easy-going. They’re optimistic and quick-witted. They’re independent and self-confident. They also love children. Most Bulgarian girls want to have cute kids and a nice home. They don’t mind working after marriage, but they expect their husband to earn more. Their homes are happy places to be.

Bulgarian women are renowned for their good relationships with their families. They are proud of their national identity and the tradition of assimilation. They aren’t afraid to take their family on holiday. However, they’re not accustomed to short-term open relationships. They may look down on non-college-educated people, though.

Bulgarians are hard to translate. They’re a blend of sarcasm, pride, sorrow, and practicality. Their mentality is expressed through their traditions and their rumors. They are also mixed with pagan beliefs and atheism. The mix makes Bulgarians a unique people.

Bulgarians are proud of their Proto-Bulgarian calendar, which is the oldest calendar in the world. It is also considered a UNESCO heritage. Nowadays, Bulgarians adopt foreign holidays, but their main calendar is still the Proto-Bulgarian one. In the “r” months, Bulgarians drink red wine and in the “e” months, they drink white wine. Even if you don’t like the Proto-Bulgarian calendar, you can still enjoy Bulgarian culture by celebrating holidays on the Gregorian calendar.

Bulgarian women are good mothers and ambitious. They often need to learn to be successful in order to feel happy. They are usually willing to help a man and are not afraid of taking his role as the bread-maker. They don’t like monotony and prefer to have fun. They are also fond of surprises. They don’t want to get into trouble. They know how to keep a conversation going, and they’re tolerant of others’ weaknesses. They are also great at maintaining long-term relationships.

Bulgarian girls have a strong character. They’re a little too committed to a relationship for it to be open. They know how to guard their personal boundaries and will rarely ask for assistance. They also know how to make new friends feel comfortable. If you are a Westerner, you can share your experiences with these women.

The average Bulgarian salary is $800. While this is a relatively low amount, it can be enough to impress a Bulgarian girl. Men who work for a well-paying job have better chances of winning a Bulgarian girl’s heart. Similarly, men who pay for a dating service have lower competition, and can meet a Bulgarian girl at a convenient time without leaving their home.

Bulgarian girls are a lot different from other Eastern European girls. They have a lot of physical features that make them stand out from the crowd. Some of them dress slutty, but that has nothing to do with easygoingness. In fact, some of them are really not interested in material things. Their main focus is on building their physical beauty. This can result in tacky outfits and caked-on faces.

Bulgarians love holidays and they’re not averse to having fun. They’re not averse to a few drinks, but they prefer to spend their free time in parks or in parks with a romantic atmosphere. They have plenty of nice parks in the cities. It’s a good idea to visit a park with a group of Bulgarians, as this will be a perfect way to break the ice.