Help For Abandoned Children

abandoned children

When a parent abandons their family, the resulting trauma can be lifelong for children. Whether the parent was never involved in the child’s life, has refused contact with them, or even abused them, the absence of a father or mother can create a hole in a person that may be impossible to fill. Abandoned children need help and support to grow into mature adults.

Some parents abandon their children because of personal issues that are too difficult to manage. Infidelity, complicated divorce proceedings, and other relationship issues can become overwhelming for a parent and lead to their decision to leave the children behind. Some parents also have a mental health history that contributes to their inability to keep the family together.

Other reasons for parental abandonment can include poverty, drug abuse, and a lack of resources. For example, some young parents give their children up for adoption or turn them over to family members because they can’t afford to care for them on their own. Some children are abandoned because they are illegitimate or born outside the marriage. These situations can be especially distressing for the child because they will not know their biological father or mother.

The most common form of abandonment occurs when a parent simply leaves their children without any notice or reason. Other forms of abandonment include leaving a child in a dangerous place and refusing or ignoring attempts to communicate. Many states have safe haven laws that allow a parent to anonymously abandon their baby in places like hospitals. The law allows the hospital to ensure that the baby will be cared for. These types of laws are meant to prevent infanticide or other serious harm to the child.

Children who are abandoned often have difficulty expressing their feelings, and some are too afraid to ask for help. They may feel ashamed or guilty about their situation, and some have blamed themselves for their parent’s actions. They may also struggle to form healthy relationships as adults. It is important for those who have experienced abandonment to get treatment and talk about their feelings with a trusted counselor. BetterHelp makes it easy for anyone to connect with a licensed and vetted therapist on any device.

Children who have been abandoned by their parents are at a higher risk of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other psychological conditions. They can also struggle with addiction and other behavioral problems. Fortunately, it is possible to overcome these conditions with the help of a therapist. BetterHelp matches people with a therapist who is right for them and can provide the help they need to recover from abandonment trauma. Start your search for a therapist today. It only takes a few minutes to complete the simple online form. You can also download the BetterHelp app on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. It’s fast, secure, and completely free to use. Start overcoming your abandonment trauma today!