How to Ensure That Children’s Rights Are Protected


As of 20 years ago, the world had united against the use of children in armed conflict. UN Security Council Action Plans, and other efforts to protect children have led to the release of thousands of children. Yet the challenges remain. In fact, the number of children being caught in armed conflict has increased, despite the international community’s strong commitment to protect children. So, how can we ensure that our children’s rights are protected? Below are some key points that we should consider.

First and foremost, children deserve to be treated with respect. While older children can take cues from adults, young children are prone to freezing, crying, and not knowing what hurts them. Children must be listened to and given medical attention by adults, who must be trained to respond to their needs. They may have limited knowledge of medications and illnesses, and adults must make decisions based on limited information. Second, the mental stress resulting from a disaster is even worse for children, as they feel less in control of the situation and understand less about its effects.

Fourth, children lack the capacity to make considered decisions. This is why they are disqualified from making certain decisions. Despite the fact that adults are entitled to certain liberty rights, children do not. Children are incapable of making wise decisions, and their decisions will affect them throughout their lives. However, children should have the preconditions necessary to make informed choices. This means that adults should not have the right to make decisions for children. This will prevent them from making decisions that may hurt their future.

Lastly, children need to be surrounded by positive relationships and access to local resources. Positive relationships with adults are crucial for child development. Parents should trust their instincts, but remember that they are never too old to seek help if necessary. With the right care, parents can make their children thrive. The key is to find the right balance between learning, playing, and resting. It is possible to do all of this while also taking care of yourself.

The first five years of a child’s life are critical to their growth and development. The experiences they have during their early years form the foundations for learning, health, and behaviour. Children learn through play. The environment they live in is important in this process. Their relationships with others and with parents influence their behavior. They also shape their social skills. By participating in activities that engage them in play, children develop important skills that will help them in the future.

Moreover, when decisions are made involving a child’s life, parents should take their child’s views into account. This way, they can influence decisions that will benefit them. It is important to consider what other children are interested in as well as what is best for the child. Taking the child’s interests into consideration is important because it helps parents raise their children. And, the government should support parents when it comes to raising their children. However, it is also important for governments to protect children from neglect and abuse. Furthermore, children have the right to live with someone who is responsible for their care.