The Importance of Children’s Rights


Whether they are young, old or somewhere in between, children make up a significant part of the human population. They are also often the most vulnerable people in our society and have a special set of rights that cannot be taken away from them without causing damage or harm to their well-being.

Child’s right are enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, a ratified treaty that sets out the fundamental rights of children. These include the right to freedom, safety, and protection from discrimination. The Convention also ensures that all children have the same opportunity to develop and grow up.

There are over 2.3 billion children in the world, many of whom live in poverty and lack basic rights. They are at risk of exploitation and abuse, including sexual exploitation and trafficking. They are also at risk of violence, illness and neglect.

They have the right to education, healthcare and work. They also have the right to be treated with respect and dignity, and to be protected from physical and emotional abuse.

Children’s rights are a vital tool in helping to fight against poverty and inequality. They are particularly important for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups of people such as girls, Indigenous children, children with disabilities or children in war zones.

Almost all countries have laws that protect children’s rights. They help to prevent children from being separated from their parents, or having their health and welfare threatened. They also help to prevent children from being kidnapped or held hostage abroad.

When a child is born, governments must register them so that they can get a legal identity and proof of their existence. This is so that they can claim their rights and access services if they are ever in trouble, such as being sexually exploited or denied healthcare.

A good book is one that combines text and illustrations in such a way that the reader can feel their connection with the story. A well-written children’s book is honest, has a sense of wonder and shows a strong respect for young children.

It is important that all children are able to read, as this helps them to learn and develop in a positive way. It is also a valuable way to bond with your child and build a lifelong love of reading and books.

This is a vital and essential part of a child’s development and is something that should be valued as much as other areas of their lives. Taking a step back and ensuring that you have a quality reading environment for your child can make all the difference in helping them to reach their full potential and be happy in their life.

You can start by making time for reading and sharing stories together every day. You can make a routine for both of you and find a comfortable chair for you to sit in and enjoy each other’s company.

You can also try letting your child pick their own book to read. Choosing a few different books can be a great way to make reading fun for your child, and help them to get into a habit of regular reading.