The Psychological Effects of Abandonment of Children

abandoned children

Often neglected, abandoned children face many hardships and social consequences. The psychological effects of abandonment can be devastating and may impact the child for the rest of his life. These effects include a decrease in academic performance, low self-esteem, low impulse control, and a weakened ability to cope with emotions.

Abandonment of children can be caused by a number of factors, including poverty, poor housing, inadequate social services, and unwed births. The United Nations estimates that approximately 60 million children worldwide have been abandoned by their parents. However, reliable information is scarce on the extent of this problem.

In many developing countries, crowded conditions can lead to neglect. Some children recover quickly from neglect, while others experience long-term effects. In addition, the resulting low self-esteem can affect the physical health of the child.

Children who have been abandoned are often confused about their own worth and feel that they must not cry or show emotion. They also have trouble trusting other people. They may experience aggression and sleep problems. They feel like a burden on the remaining parent. They also worry about their family life. Moreover, they resent additional household duties.

Abandoned children are also exposed to sexual exploitation and violence. They are often forced to live in dirty or dangerous conditions. They may not be properly fed. Some may even be sold into bonded labor. In some countries, such as Venezuela, thousands of orphans are abandoned each year. They are sometimes buried in mass graves in a potter’s field.

In the early school years, abandoned children are extremely aware of pain and anger. They often blame themselves for the neglect they’ve experienced. They may talk about suicide. They may suffer from mood swings and tics. They might be reluctant to attend school. They may be angry with their mothers.

Having no one to turn to when you are a teenager can be especially difficult. It can cause you to worry about finances, your future in your family, and other relationships. In addition, the guilt that you feel about abandoning your friends and family can be a source of anxiety. If you’ve experienced this kind of abandonment, you may want to seek counseling for these common reactions.

Abandonment of children is a very serious social problem. In the USA, about 7,000 children are abandoned each year. Despite the fact that there are a number of laws in place to protect these children, it is not always easy to get in touch with their biological parents. The legal custodian of the child might sue you for wrongful abandonment. In Florida, a law requires anyone who finds an abandoned baby to try to locate its biological parents. The laws also inform the public about their legal rights. In addition, the Law on Abandoned Children educates the public about safe havens and places where they can go for help.

Although there are a variety of causes for abandonment, the root of the problem is the breakdown of families. This can occur as a result of poverty, inadequate social services, or an irresponsible father.