The Social Life of a Bulgarian


Bulgaria is a Balkan country located in the eastern part of Europe. It is washed by the Black Sea. The country is a popular tourist destination. With its scenic beauty, diverse fauna, and cultural heritage, it attracts many visitors each year. There are three main mountain ranges in Bulgaria. Mountain ranges are important parts of the country’s landscape. They include the Rila mountain, which is home to the Rila monastery.

Bulgarians are proud of their culture and their people. Many Bulgarians are members of the Bulgarian Orthodox church. This religion has played a large role in maintaining the identity of Bulgarians. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the Bulgarian Orthodox church had a revival.

Bulgarians are very close to their grandparents and parents. They also value the thoughts of others. Elders in Bulgaria are respected as experienced and wise. They share their knowledge with younger generations. These elders are very good storytellers. Among Bulgarians, the oldest people are given special titles, and they are often surrounded by family members.

Bulgarians are formal and etiquette is highly valued. Although they enjoy holidays, they do not expect to celebrate every occasion. In fact, they tend to be serious about their work and to combine their work throughout the day.

Despite their formal nature, Bulgarians love their families. The society is based around family, which is the most fundamental unit of social life. Families usually have two or three children. However, the number of children raised depends on the budget of the family.

Bulgarians are not rude and they do not impose their will on others. Their greetings consist of a firm handshake. People are addressed by their first name, surname, and title. At times, they also use head gestures.

Bulgarian women have powerful character and strong spirit. They are decent, religious, and self-respecting. They are very loving and caring towards their children. Besides, they are excellent mothers. They rarely miss an opportunity to spend time with their children.

Bulgarians also have an extended family. As with most other families, the older people are given special responsibilities. Often, the older people take care of their children. The family is a close-knit and large network of mutual assistance.

Bulgarians believe that breaking a mirror is bad luck. It is believed that breaking a mirror brings bad luck for seven years.

Bulgarian women like to have a man who is wealthy and educated. It is not uncommon for Bulgarian girls to look for a wealthy foreigner on dating sites. If you are considering a Bulgarian mail order bride, it is a good idea to visit the country.

Bulgaria is also known for its cuisine. A delicious dish called Banitsa is a famous pastry in all Balkan countries. It is made with eggs and filo pastry. Traditionally, it is filled with a variety of fillings.

Bulgarians have preserved an age-old tradition of walking on hot coals. It is believed to protect against evil forces. Also, the elders in Bulgaria are always telling stories.