What Are the Consequences of Abandoning a Child?

abandoned children

When a parent abandons their child, it is considered to be a case of abandonment. A parent can abandon their child for various reasons, such as irresponsible fatherhood or premature motherhood. A parent may also abandon a child if the parent is no longer able or unwilling to provide care. Abandonment of a child can have serious consequences on its development, including low self-esteem, difficulty emotionally attaching to others, and guilt. An abandoned child may even experience depression, anxiety, clinginess, or eating disorders.

Many myths about abandoned children are based on inaccurate information, but there is no one single cause for it. Ethnographic studies confirm this point, and show that abandoning a baby does not always lead to its death. Similarly, infanticide was common among Netsilik Eskimo society, although the crying of abandoned children served as a message to the group. And while some children die due to abandonment, many others are rescued and raised by loving and compassionate people.

Adoption is a viable option for many abandoned children. The first step is to find a good shelter for the child. An abandoned child may also have a foster family to stay with. If the child is in foster care, they can receive free legal advice and emotional support. Abandonment can be a life-altering experience, but in many cases, it can be prevented. However, it is not uncommon for children to be abandoned. In this case, the child may be abandoned by an adult who is unable to provide for them.

Adoption can lead to a child’s self-esteem deteriorating. When a child is abandoned, they may develop aggressive behavior and resent the extra household responsibilities. During the school years, children may also develop self-blame and low self-esteem. They may have trouble with their classmates and friends and may even discuss suicide. However, these are only some of the common behaviors that result from being abandoned. A parent should never force a child to discuss the experience of abandonment.

Despite the fact that a majority of abandoned children have families with two or more members, this type of family isn’t exclusive to poor families. An example of a wealthy family abandoning their children is an eerie tale. A wealthy American couple left their two daughters unattended in their Chicago home for ten days during the Christmas season. Their neighbour noticed them and notified authorities. HCSO investigators have now found their family members and the children are safe and healthy.

The horror of abandonment has been depicted in literature and film for centuries. In the famous Greek tragedy of Oedipus, a child was abandoned by his biological mother and left to die in the hills. Similarly, the film Hansel and Gretel depicts a child being abandoned by parents. It is impossible to know whether these tragic stories are true or not. But, in general, the horror of abandonment should not be trivial.