What Happens to Abandoned Children?

abandoned children

Regardless of the circumstances, children sbobet88 who are abandoned can suffer from profound trauma and have trouble forming healthy relationships into adulthood. Abandonment trauma is linked to a host of psychological problems, including substance use disorders, eating disorders and relationship difficulties. A fear of abandonment can also impact a person’s self-esteem and cause them to withdraw from others, which can lead to isolation and depression. A fear of abandonment can also impact an individual’s ability to work and have a positive quality of life.

The story of each child abandoned by a parent or guardian is unique, but some common factors are found in many cases, front-line workers say. Often, poor parenting skills and a lack of housing or financial resources play a role in the decision to abandon a child. A child may be left with a relative, friend or stranger. If a parent is struggling with mental illness, it can also be a factor in their choice to leave their children.

In the United States, an abandoned child is usually placed in foster care, but the specific steps will vary by state. The process typically begins when the child is reported to the local police or Department of Children, Youth and Families, or DCYF. Then, the case will be referred to a social worker who will determine whether or not a child has been abandoned.

Sometimes, a child will be left in the custody of a hospital or other facility, like a shelter or crisis nursery, for safety and health reasons. This is known as safe harbor. A hospital or another designated facility is protected by law from prosecution for abandoning a child there.

Other times, a child will be deliberately abandoned by a parent or guardian, such as a newborn baby being left outside in the cold or an older child being taken to the side of the road and left. In the past, DCYF would send children who had been deliberately abandoned to hotels or other places to sleep until more permanent placements could be found. But a court ruling changed the way that case workers in Washington define child abandonment.

While many people believe that the idea of a child being abandoned is a horrific and terrifying thing, it is more common than most of us realize. Some of these abandonments are physical, but a large number of them are emotional. In these cases, a child feels deeply abandoned and is mystified as to why their parent chose to leave them. Many of these children will grow up with a deep sense of guilt and shame, as depicted in stories such as the tales of the Indian epic Mahabharata or George Eliot’s novel, Silas Marner.

In some countries, there are still orphanages. These institutions are used to care for abandoned children until they can be adopted into a family. But in the United States, these are no longer the norm. Instead, a child who is abandoned by a parent or guardian will generally be put into foster care until they can be placed with a permanent adoptive family.