Wildlife and Plants in Bulgaria


Bulgaria is a country located in the Balkan Peninsula. Its climate is generally mild. Summers are hot, but not oppressive. There are four distinct seasons in Bulgaria. These are the spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The country has a variety of wildlife and plants. Among the animals in Bulgaria are bears, wolves, squirrels, red foxes, and storks.

Bulgaria has one of the largest bear populations in Europe. Bears are protected in the country. If you come across a bear, you can take it to the bear sanctuary. This sanctuary is a place where abused bears can be healed. In addition to protecting bears, the sanctuary is also home to other native wildlife.

For instance, the imperial eagle is a rare raptor that is found in the wild. However, this species is endangered. It nests in a sanctuary in Bulgaria.

Another animal that is threatened is the Saker falcon. Although this bird is almost extinct, illegal falconry trade is causing the decline of the population. The European rabbit and the Eurasian lynx are other species that are in the list of endangered mammals in Bulgaria.

As for the snakes in Bulgaria, there are 17 species. Some of them are venomous. Other types of snakes in Bulgaria are smooth, horned, and grass snakes. You should be aware that the venomous snakes are deadly to humans.

Bulgaria is home to over 400 bird species. You may hear Bulgarians call this day Baba Marta, or Grandmother March. This date is important to them because it preserves an ancient pagan tradition. On this day, costumed men perform a ritual called kukeri, which aims to scare off evil spirits.

Bulgaria is home to hundreds of species of insects. Most of these creatures are native. However, a handful of species are unique to Bulgaria. Some of the more exotic animals in Bulgaria are the steppe polecat, the gray dwarf hamster, and the red deer.

The Bulgarian flag is made of three horizontal stripes in red, white, and green. Each of these colors represents something different. Green stands for agricultural abundance, red for the struggle for independence, and white for peace.

Aside from its scenic beauty, Bulgaria is a popular tourist destination. It is surrounded by the Black Sea and other mountain ranges. Tourists can enjoy its scenic views and diverse flora and fauna. Moreover, Bulgaria is a member of the EU.

Among the national drinks in Bulgaria are Bulgarian beer, wine, and rakia. You can find 30 regional brands in the market. Moreover, you can order different appetizers.

You can also find various kinds of white brine cheese in the country. One of the most popular salads is snezhanka, which is a yogurt and cucumber dish. Also, you can try shopska, a popular salad made of vegetables.

The most common dishes in Bulgaria are grilled, stewed, and oven baked. Besides, you can also enjoy oriental and dairy-based dishes.

The most common meat in Bulgarian cuisine is pork. Various kinds of fish, such as Balkan trout and Balkan salmon, are also native to the country.