The Importance of Children Rights

children rights

Children rights refer to the specific rights that children have based on their age, gender, ethnicity and economic status among other things. The human rights of children are quite distinct because they do not have the same rights as mature adults and as such they should be protected from abuses. Some of the abuses that have been perpetrated on children include war, violence in their homes, being forced to engage in child labour and genital mutilation among others.

The Universal Declaration of Children’s Rights which was adopted in 1989 has accorded a wide range of rights to children. It is the duty of governments to ensure that these rights are enjoyed by all children. It is also the responsibility of the community and the individual to protect children from abuses.

It is not acceptable for children to be subjected to any form of sexual abuse, physical abuse or psychological or emotional abuse. It is also not acceptable for them to be deprived of their right to freedom and privacy, the ability to express themselves and the right to access education, health care, information and social services. Whenever a child is subjected to any form of abuse, there should be immediate action by the government and society as a whole to prevent them from suffering further from such abuses.

In order to enjoy their rights, all children must be given adequate food, shelter, clothing, medical help and an environment that is safe for them. They must also be given the right to education that is suitable for their individual personalities and talents. They should also be given the opportunity to join groups and organisations that they may choose to join. This is because it will allow them to develop their skills and knowledge.

All governments should give the children living within their jurisdictions access to education that is appropriate to their personalities and abilities as well as a suitable living standard that will allow them to live comfortably and without any forms of poverty or hardship. Governments should also make sure that there is equal opportunity for boys and girls to get the best quality education.

A world that has fully embraced the children’s rights as set out in the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child will benefit everyone. The world is moving closer to this goal with many countries ratifying the Convention on the Rights of the Child, making it an international treaty that is binding upon all members of the United Nations and the only international instrument specifically dedicated to ensuring that all children are entitled to their full range of human rights. This is a good thing as it shows that there is a global commitment to children’s rights. Despite this, many governments are still failing to protect children’s rights which is unacceptable. It is the responsibility of all people to make sure that children enjoy their rights as set out in the Universal Declaration of Children’s Rights and the laws of the land.