Child repeatedly hit in Pleven home

Following an unannounced inspection, the National Ombudsman of Bulgaria has requested intervention by the State agency for Child Protection to ensure the safety of children in the small group home

Volunteer needed for 24th August

We have a volunteer group booked for a three week placement at the small group home in Sofia from 24th August but due to a last minute cancellation we need one more volunteer to join us.

Inter country adoptions from Bulgaria rise again

The number of children adopted out of Bulgaria has risen for the ninth year in a row. A total of 407 children were adopted from Bulgaria in 2013, a slight increase, of 3%,on the number

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Maria update

A court in the Greek city of Larissa will shortly decide the custody case of “Maria”, the little Roma girl whose story made headlines across the world. The authorities will have to decide on whether the little girl will stay in Greece or hand her over to the country of her birth – Bulgaria.

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Will there be justice?

It’s over three years since the Prosecutor General in Bulgaria announced criminal investigations into the deaths of 238 children in state care. The deaths, a roll call of unbearable suffering, from starvation to violent abuse occurred between 2000 and 2010 – so why hasn’t a single case

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Dzhurkovo deaths of fifteen children: Bulgaria guilty

Describing the case as a ‘national tragedy’, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has found the Bulgarian authorities failed in their duty to protect the lives of 15 vulnerable children living in the social care ‘home’ in Dzhurkovo who died for lack of food, heat, medicines and basic 

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The brutal reality of a childhood in ‘care’

The horrific video of three female carers beating a group of young boys, aged between 7 and 9 years, in a Russian ‘orphanage’ is a sickening reminder that physical abuse of children is commonplace and can be part of the daily routine children growing up in institutional care can suffer.

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Government U-turn fails to stop protests

Bulgaria’s coalition government is under severe pressure to resign after only three weeks in office following several days of protests […]

TBACT volunteers arrive in Bulgaria

The first volunteers in our 2013 volunteer programme flew into Bulgaria last week and received a great welcome from the […]

Bulgaria responds to criticism at UNHCR

The Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has responded to criticism raised at the United Nations in March. In a written […]

Far right party could be kingmaker in Bulgarian politics

With neither of the two main parties in Bulgaria achieving an absolute majority in recent parliamentary elections, a coalition government […]

Political turmoil and street protests continue in Bulgaria

By resigning last Thursday, the Bulgarian prime minister, Boyko Borisov hoped to defuse mounting public anger and put a stop […]

New hope for children with Hydrocephalus

24 Jan 2012 The Bulgarian Ministry of Health has announced a change in policy for the treatment of children with […]