Month: November 2021

The Most Important Aspects of Children’s Rights

The Most Important Aspects of Children’s Rights As human rights evolve, so do children’s rights, which pay special attention to the needs of minors. The basic principles of children’s rights are to provide the greatest level of protection and care. The following sections discuss some of the most important aspects of children’s rights. You may…
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What Is a Trust?

What Is a Trust? A trust is a legal relationship where one person holds property for the benefit of another. In other words, you give property to another person to be used for his or her benefit. This type of relationship is a legal one and is commonly used in estate planning. If you have…
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How to Deal With the Issue of Abandoned Children

It’s a sad fact that millions of children are left behind by their mothers when their parents die, or are too ill to care for them. Many times, these children are brought to a busy street corner, where they’re carried off to a stranger’s home or orphanage. In some cases, the children are left to…
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Should You Take a Bulgarian Language Course?

Should You Take a Bulgarian Language Course? The diversity of the country’s terrain and cultural heritage makes Bulgaria a wonderful destination for a vacation with family. From its Black Sea coastline to its mountainous interior, Bulgaria is a cultural melting pot with influences from several different countries. From ancient Greek, Persian, Slavic, and Ottoman cultures…
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Understanding Child Rights

Children rights are a very important subset of universal human rights and, as such, are an important focus for international human rights. According to the United Nations, “every child in the world has the right to live with freedom and liberty and enjoy physical and mental health along with development of the mind.” The right…
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What is a Revocable Trust and How it Works

What is a Revocable Trust and How it Works A trust is basically an agreement where the grantor of real estate gives it to another party or entity that has to maintain and use it exclusively for the benefit of another. The grantor is also called the trustee. It is very important that the trust…
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Infants and Abandoned Children

What are abandoned children? By definition, abandoned children are those who have lost both biological and other parental care, most likely because of a death of a parent or other person responsible for their care. They might also be physically abandoned: left by a parent, left alone, never properly fed, clothed, or forced to live…
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Global Development For Children

Global Development For Children In legal terms, a child is an indivisible human being during the periods of childhood and adolescence, or even between the early developmental stages of infancy and adulthood. Generally speaking, the legal definition of a child includes a minor, else known as an adolescent, who is under the age of 18…
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Bulgarian Minorities

Bulgaria’s population, both urban and rural, has been growing steadily for the past ten years. The country’s demographics is changing, too. Bulgars, who were a powerful nation once, are now divided into several groups: North Caucasians, South Caucasians, Central Caucasians and Black Turkmen. This new diversity has resulted in many newly developed language groups, all…
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